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Welcome to my DigiTools area. I have spent quite a bit of time perfecting this set of Actions/Tools for Adobe Photoshop. They designed with dSLRs in mind but will work on any digital images with great results. They have been thoroughly tested by a series of Beta testers to assure the final release is at it's utmost performance and quality for you the end customer. DigiTools requires Adobe Photoshop to work! These tools are self installing and load via your action palette within Adobe Photoshop. They were designed using Adobe PS 7.0 and should work in Adobe PS 6.0 and CS. These tools will make your photo touch ups and post processing a snap and much easier then normal! Below are some examples of what DigiTools can do! Click on the images to view larger size.
Before After Lab B&W+USM Clean Exposure Compensation before + after
Before After Skin Clean+Teeth White After Yellow-Orange Adjustment
Image Enhanced + Exposure before + after Over Exposure Compensation before + after After yellow-Orange Adjustment

As you can see from the above examples, these tools really do their job! Those examples show just a few of the Actions abilities, but nowhere near all of them! We have set the donation price of DigiTools Action Set at a very reasonable U.S. $6.00. This is well below similar softwares. Below is a screen shot of the Tools Included in this set.


You can purchase DigiTools by clicking on the Buy Now button below. We accept our donations through PayPal. Once your donation is processed you will receive and email from us with details on how to Download DigiTools. Remember Adobe Photoshop is required for these tools to work! Low donation of only U.S. $6.00. DigiTools and other Action Sets may also be purchased from ElitePCDesigns.com.

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